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March 6, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Shadowland's newest member is suiting up for battle, and this week we've got a special event blasting off with one of your first chances to recruit him. Also orbiting the blog this week is our Women's History Month Blitzes and Bonus Events to help turn out the lights on your enemies. For all you travelers of the night out there, fear not, because a new moon is rising...

New Moon

Coming in for a lunar landing soon is the New Moon Event, where you can make your roster shine by recruiting Moon Knight and earning big rewards. You don't want to miss out on the Shadowland's vessel of vengeance, so here's how you can rock this event:

Eternal Night Orb

Earn Eternal Night Orb Fragments via the event milestones and then open them to earn Gold, gear, and shards for select characters with the limited-time Nocturnal trait, with Moon Knight at a higher drop rate.

Crescent Crescendo Milestone

Enact vengeance in Blitz and Arena using characters with the Nocturnal trait in this daily Milestone. Score points by winning in Blitz and participating in Arena (win or lose) to earn Moon Knight shards, Eternal Night Orb Fragments, and more! Filter your roster by “Nocturnal” to see which characters score points in the event.

Midnight Madness Milestone

Team up with your Alliance in Raids using Nocturnal trait characters to earn Moon Knight shards, Eternal Night Orb Fragments, and gear.

New Moon Milestone

Score points by opening Eternal Night Orbs to earn Moon Knight character shards and other rewards.

Fractured Reality Bonus Event

For a limited-time, Isotope-8 Campaign nodes will reward Eternal Night Orb Fragments with a 100% drop rate.

Check out this video with a sneak peak of Moon Knight in action: (English only):

Mojo's Mayhem: Season 4

The next season of ratings mayhem is around the corner! The fourth Season features character shards from the fiery haired symbiote, Scream, as well as these updates:

Knockout-focused Daily Objectives

An emphasis will be placed on daily Knockouts while reducing objectives requiring specific characters and traits on a daily basis. However, you won't have to complete all the Daily Knockout Objectives to earn all of the Season 4 rewards.

Improved Weekly Objectives

We restructured the Weekly Objectives so the trait requirements were more organized. Each weekly trait objective will contain one of the following:

  • Hero, Villain

  • Bio, Mutant, Mystic, Skill, Tech

  • Blaster, Brawler, Controller, Protector, Support

We have also reduced the ability threshold for these Weekly Objectives from 600 to 550.


Reshuffled the structure of some existing rewards so the same rewards wouldn't be earned at the same Ratings levels as previous Seasons. You will not need to complete every Daily and Weekly Objective to complete your Ratings Levels and earn all of your rewards (both Free and Premium). 

Real-Time Arena Bans

We are increasing the total number of character bans from 5 to 7. This increase will include 3 Season-long character bans. This season’s Bans are: Black Bolt, Emma Frost, and Ebony Maw. There will be 4 additional character bans each week.

Scarlet Witch Calendar

We hope everyone is enjoying the Scarlet Witch calendar celebrating Women's History Month! As a note, this special calendar rewards 120 character shards instead of the usual 55. Make sure you take advantage, as April's calendar will revert back to the usual reward structure.

Upcoming Blitzes

During our upcoming week of Blitzes, we're honoring two of Marvel's most powerful women as part of our Women's History Month celebration. Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a psychic bee in Blitz first is Psylocke in the Psionic Assassin Blitz. Grab her character shards before getting ready for the Gene Genie Blitz, featuring Minn-Erva. Don't miss out on shards for one of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s most infamous healers in this Blitz chosen by the Community for our Dark Dimension IV celebration.

Bonus Events

If you enjoyed shaking it in the name of WatchRemanxShakeIt last week, you'll get another opportunity this week, as the first Bonus Event for our Dark Dimension IV celebration is coming up with Endless Night, where you can earn 2x Proxima Midnight shards from Doom 2-9.

And if you want to whip your Mercenaries into shape, the Merc Mayhem Event is for you, where you can score double shard payouts for Mercenaries in Campaign nodes. Filter your roster using the trait "Mercenary" to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

New Strike Time Episode

There’s a new character incoming and we've got the lowdown in our next episode of Strike Time. Tune in next week to hear all the news that's fit to print, There’s a new character incoming and we've got the lowdown in our next episode of Strike Time. Tune in next week to hear all the news that's fit to print. including the updates coming to Objectives, Rewards, and, more

The day is breaking on this blog, so that's all for this week! Bring some cake and candles next week, as we've got the details on our upcoming anniversary celebration.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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