Welcome to Shadowland
February 5, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Keep your wits and moral compass about you this week, as we introduce you to a powerful new team: Shadowland. We'll start by previewing one of their new members, as well as detailing the updates to two existing characters that'll join the team. Also heading your way are details on our upcoming Lunar New Year celebration, special Blitzes, and Bonus Events to fill your pockets with character shards. Now, sharpen your claws and prepare to scratch that new character itch…

White Tiger

Inspired by the thrilling Shadowland comics event, we’ll be bringing this story to life in the form of the Shadowland Team! Let's kick things off with the team's newest member: White Tiger.

When FBI agent Angela Del Toro's uncle died unexpectedly, his prized amulets were passed down to her. Unbeknownst to Angela, her uncle was the crime fighter White Tiger and the amulets gave him his abilities by channeling the power of the Tiger God. Daredevil, a friend and ally of Angela's uncle, eventually convinced her to take up the White Tiger mantle. As White Tiger, Angela uses her elite fighting skills, along with the amulet's gifts of superhuman strength, speed, and healing to fight crime.

Stalk your enemies with the Shadowland hunter:

Traits: Hero, City, Mystic, Brawler, Shadowland

Basic - Rising Claw

  • Attack primary target for 300% damage + apply Heal Block for 1 turn and Defense Down for 2 turns. This attack deals double damage to summoned characters.

  • When this character performs a Counterattack or Assist, she applies Defense Down for 2 turns + Slow for 2 turns on each target.

  • When forced to attack an ally, this character deals less damage to SHADOWLAND characters.

Special - Stalking Slash

  • Energy Cost: 4/4

  • Attack primary target for 140% Piercing + 20% Piercing per SHADOWLAND ally

  • Bonus attack 3 times for 60% Piercing + 20% Piercing per SHADOWLAND ally.

  • Apply Heal Block for 1 turn + Disrupted for 2 turns.

  • In WAR, apply Ability Block for 2 turns as well.

Ultimate - Thrill of the Fight

  • Energy Cost: 2/4

  • Heal self for 50% of this character's Max Health + clear all negative effects.

  • Attack primary target for 600% damage + apply Heal Block.

Passive - Eye of the Tiger

  • On Spawn, fill Speed Bar by 10% + 5% Speed Bar per SHADOWLAND ally for self and all SHADOWLAND.

  • On Spawn, apply Offense Up for 2 turns to self and all SHADOWLAND allies.

  • On Kill, fill Speed Bar by 70%.

  • Gain +50% Focus. SHADOWLAND allies gain +50% Focus.

  • In WAR, gain +30% Resistance for Self and all SHADOWLAND allies.

On WAR OFFENSE, gain +20% Damage for Self and all SHADOWLAND allies.

For more on the new team please check out Goofyrhexxi’s video, where he provides his own analysis of the kits:

Lunar Festival

Celebrate the Year of the Ox with explosive rewards in the upcoming Lunar Festival event! Light the fuse on explosive rewards with limited-time events:

Well Wishes Milestone

Spend Power Cores to hit daily milestones that reward Lunar Credits, along with various other rewards.

Lunar Orbs

Use Lunar Credits to open Orange, Purple, and Blue Lunar Orbs that reward gear, Mega Orbs, Gold, and more.

Cheerful Celebration Alliance Milestone

Earn points by opening Lunar Orbs and hitting milestones, which reward Gear Tier 15 mini-uniques, Elite 5 Credits, Advanced and Superior Basic Catalyst Parts, a 5-Red Star 

Character Draft (featuring only named characters), and various gear.

Mojo's Mayhem: Season 3

It's time once again for another exciting season of Mojo's Mayhem! The action-packed third season features character shards for the Astonishing X-Men's genius Support specialist: Beast. Add brains and brawn to your Astonishing X-Men team with this upcoming season of Mojo's Mayhem.

Chasing Fury Update

The man, the myth, and the literal Legend, Nick Fury, is on the move again, but this time he's looking to settle down permanently. Coming your way soon, the Nick Fury Legendary Event, "Chasing Fury," will be indefinitely available via the Events section for all players level 25 and higher. As our arsenal of Legendary characters grows, we'll consider making more Legendary events available on a long-term basis in the Events section in the future. In the meantime, be sure to grab Nick Fury shards by utilizing a Kree Minions team.

Returning Legendary Event

Racing back to Earth fresh off a stint from guarding the galaxy is Star-Lord for his Legendary Event, "Space Ace." You'll need a team of Guardians and/or Ravagers at a minimum of 5-Stars for a chance to add this Legendary leader with mesmerizing dance moves to your roster, so start preparing now.

Upcoming Blitzes

February marks the beginning of Black History month, and MARVEL Strike Force will be joining the celebration. During the month of February, some game events will feature some of Marvel's most iconic black characters, while also diving into their history.

Starting things off in Blitz next week is Killmonger in the Rival King Blitz. Born as N'Jadaka and later infamously nicknamed "Killmonger," Erik Stevens committed heinous acts to fulfill what he believed was his father's unfulfilled dream: to improve the lives of African descendants through the riches of Vibranium. Ultimately, he successfully challenged and wrestled both the Wakandan throne and the mantle of the Black Panther away from T'Challa, albeit briefly. Be sure to pick off Killmonger character shards during this limited-time Blitz.

And up next is the Astonishing X-Men's newest Blaster: Bishop! Lucas Bishop traveled to the 20th century to join the X-Men against the threat of the Sentinels from his own distorted timeline. Today, he continues to fight alongside his Mutant brethren, rescuing members of Mutantkind imprisoned across the planet. Don't miss the first run of the Marked Man Blitz, where you can vaporize enemies to earn Bishop shards and start blistering your Astonishing X-Men team.

Bonus Events

Rack up character shards with our upcoming Bonus Events. Filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Up first, add the power of the Quantum Realm to your roster and prep for Jubilee with Pym Acceleration, where you can earn double Pym Tech character shards from Campaign nodes.

Flying in with our Black History Month celebration is Falcon's 2x event "Eyes in the Skies." With a duty to serve, Sam Wilson immediately volunteered to assist Captain America when asked for assistance. Complete with flight suit and telepathic communication with birds, Falcon soars into combat providing aerial support for the Avengers. Make sure you swoop in and grab his character shards during this limited-time event.

And if you're looking to toughen up your Hand team, check out the upcoming Need a Hand? Event, where you can bolster your team of ninjas, including Elektra. As we mentioned in our 5.1 Release Notes, Elektra is getting several enhancements to ready her for her role on the Shadowland team. If you don't have Elektra at 7-Stars already, make sure you take advantage of this and future Need a Hand? events.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders! 

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