2022 Preview - Age of Apocalypse
February 25, 2022

Welcome to 2022! The Marvel Strike Force development team is excited to share a number of announcements about upcoming content & features scheduled for this year. The dev team is focused on creating new experiences that will delight and surprise players like never before. Please note that many of the details shared below are subject to change, as pivots are necessary during the development process.

Let’s dive in and explore why 2022 is shaping up to be the best year ever for the players of MARVEL Strike Force.

Age of Apocalypse

En Sabah Nur is known by many names, but you probably know him as the infamous Super Villain, Apocalypse. Players will embark on an epic journey to find, confront, and eventually unlock Apocalypse.

But, of course, to even have hope of finding Apocalypse, you must first discover and recruit the Legendary Four Horsemen. For such an epic quest, the dev team has reimagined how these Legendary characters will be unlocked with a fresh, new experience befitting their fabled stature.

New Event Mode

In order to unlock these Legendary Horsemen, players will get to engage in an all-new game mode - Scourge Events. Players will embark on a challenge to clear 10 sequential connected nodes, called a “run”, similar to Dark Dimension but with some unique twists.

Please note that the details in these images are not necessarily final and are subject to change.


Players can customize their challenges by selecting a level of difficulty from 1-10. The lower difficulty allows players to use a broader range of characters, while higher difficulties will narrow the character traits that can be used. For the first Scourge Event, players engaging in the highest difficulties will need Web Warriors and/or Dark Hunters (Doctor Voodoo, Morbius, Ghost Rider, Elsa Bloodstone) to battle in certain nodes of those higher levels. We will announce the full details of all 10 node requirements, including the name & kit of the first Horseman in the coming weeks.

The twist is that players can also activate a variety of effects called “Scourges” that will either bolster enemy teams or cause detrimental effects to your teams. Players can toggle on any number of Scourges (mix and match) to activate for a run. The more difficult the Scourges completed the more points that will be earned.


Scourge Events will be active for 10 days on their initial introduction, then 5 days for each subsequent time it repeats. In the time Scourge Events are active, players can make unlimited attempts to try to achieve their best single run with the highest difficulty level and greatest point-value scourges active, thus earning the most points. Those points will unlock Milestone Rewards and be tied to Leaderboard Rewards, both of which will grant character shards for the new Legendary Horseman.


At any point in your run, you have the option of starting over. Resetting the run will clear the progress made on the nodes and set your characters to full health. The player’s teams will heal after completing or resetting a run, so you don’t need to wait 24 hours like in Dark Dimension.

Highscore 02

The Scourge Events for each of the Legendary Four Horsemen will be released individually and gradually over the course of 2022. Those four events will lead up to a series of challenges different than the Scourge Events featuring Apocalypse, which will require that you unlock all of the Four Horsemen (and some additional requirements) to add him to your roster.

New Story

Think you’ve figured out who all of the Four Horsemen are? Think again. Working closely with Marvel Entertainment, we’ve written and developed a new take on the story of Apocalypse and the identities of the Four Horsemen specifically for MARVEL Strike Force! It could be anyone…

Keep up-to-date with the latest information surrounding Age of Apocalypse on this new, dedicated page of our website: www.marvelstrikeforce.com/ageofapocalypse

MarvelStrikeForce.com and MSF.gg

Speaking of websites, there are some big updates currently in the works for marvelstrikeforce.com. In the coming weeks (likely next week), you’ll start to see additional features there including the ability to create basic player accounts, view Milestone progress, events calendars, and the option to purchase special offers. There are even more features planned for later in the year and we’ll keep you posted on those.

And yes, we still have the intention to follow through with the development of the API to eventually allow importing of player profiles to marvelstrikeforce.com and MSF.gg. Much of the preliminary work has been completed and we’re moving to the next stage of development.

We also recently made an announcement that the community-created website of MSF.gg, along with its creators, is now officially part of Scopely and Boundless Entertainment. The admins are currently working on some improvements to the website, including new categories on the Meta page for topics like, “Most Common War Defensive Teams” and “Defensive Teams That Are Punched Down On The Most”.

New PvP Mode

In the second “2021 Preview” we announced that production had begun on a brand-new tournament-style game mode. We’re happy to announce the official name of that feature: Cosmic Crucible! Development of this feature is on track and we’re working on setting up a playtest within the next couple of weeks, where over 100 players will get hands-on with the feature and provide feedback.

Crucible Combat Environment

In the meantime, we do have some additional details that we can share with you, but please keep in mind that these are subject to change prior to release:

  • Players are grouped into 8-person brackets based on their matchmaking rating. During the Swiss-style Tournament, Players are matched against another Player every round (trial). Players have six defense teams and attack the defenses of their opponents during the time window
  • Tournaments will be grouped into seasons, each of which is expected to have its own set of rewards and changes to the ruleset.
  • Matchmaking will be based on a Rating system and players will be separated into Divisions based on their wins and losses
  • Players win rounds by defeating more rooms than their opponent
  • Players earn victory points by defeating enemy teams, which are used to determine the winner in the case of a tie
  • If a tie in victory points: the player that initiated the fewest number of attacks wins
  • If a tie in the number of wins: the player with the highest TCP of teams used wins
  • Seasons will have “Global Rules” that grant certain bonuses to all rooms
  • There will also be “Room Rules” that grant specific bonuses or apply restrictions to combat in a certain room
  • There will be a limited number of times a player can attack one room - there will not be unlimited attempts
  • Rewards will be granted based on your Division - the higher your Division placement, the better the rewards you will earn
  • Most details regarding the content of rewards have not yet been established but we do intend for them to include Orange Gear & Teal Gear

The team is working hard to get this brand-new mode into players’ hands as soon as possible. After the mode goes live, we plan on making further improvements and look forward to hearing player feedback to influence those additions/changes. Please keep in mind that this info is subject to change prior to release. We’ll keep you updated as development progresses and the launch date approaches.


The art team is firing on all cylinders to bring new costumes for your favorite characters in each major game version update. We have a list of your requests a mile long and are delighted to share some of the designs coming soon…

  • Moon Knight - Mr. Knight
  • Storm - Classic
  • Black Bolt - S.T.R.I.K.E. Anniversary

Mr Knight
Storm Costume
Black Bolt Costume

Avengers Tower Improvements

Further improvements to Avengers Tower that will arrive over the coming months include: 

  • The ability to filter out characters that you have already used from being shown on the Select Squad screen
  • A dedicated Saved Squads tab
  • Surfacing the cooldown timer next to “On Cooldown” on the disabled Battle button

We will continue to look for other opportunities to improve the Avengers Tower experience. 

Economy Improvements

One of the biggest pieces of feedback from players in 2021 surrounded minion characters in the 6 Red Star and 7 Red Star orbs. As those orbs are highly valuable, the feedback from most players is that they would prefer to not have minions as drops there. In the near future, we’ll be removing all minions from the Elite 6 and Elite 7 Star Orbs. Additional slots will be added to the Elite Supplies as well, so if you’re looking to buy a Red Star Promotion for a specific character, they’ll be more likely to appear.

With the conquest of Dark Dimension V, we want more players to be able to make it through the Orange Gear Tiers and into Teal Gear. Over the next few major version releases you’ll start to see the following changes:

  • Finder offers for Superior mini-uniques priced in Power Cores
  • Adjustments to the Doom Campaign so every Superior mini-unique can be found on 2 campaign nodes (and so minis which you need 15 or 18 copies of don’t appear on nodes that cost 20 energy)
  • Additional gear pieces (Teal, Orange, and Purple) in the RTA Battle Pass
  • Additional ways to earn Teal Gear through new and existing game modes

Quality of Life Improvements

In addition to new content & features, we have a number of improvements planned that will make your regular play experience more streamlined and enjoyable:

  • Event Campaigns are having their difficulty reworked. As a large number of Commanders have grown stronger over the years, the Hard difficulty of our Event Campaigns has become a bit trivial for them. We want to ensure that our events continue to be fun and engaging experiences for all levels of players. To do that, we're condensing the current Medium and Easy into one new "Easy" difficulty and moving the current Hard missions down to take Medium's place. A new, more challenging difficulty curve, with new rewards, will now be at the top above the current Hard. If your team isn't quite ready to tackle this new challenge there’s no need to worry as the rewards for Hard aren't changing as part of this rework. If you complete these new missions, you'll still earn the First Time Rewards for the Hard missions, so there’s no need to play both. We’ll have more details on this new top-end difficulty and the related rewards soon
  • “Quick Alliance” option active at Level 50, to allow you to reach the Alliance management and Alliance donation screens without having to load the Helicarrier scene first
  • Advanced Option to hide Saved Squads that do not contain characters that can be used in the event or mission you’re selecting a squad for
  • Auto-battle will toggle on if Raid Battles are left idle for a significant fraction of a minute. This feature can be disabled in the Advanced Settings menu.
  • Updated the rewards for Achievements linked to “Log in X Days”, and extended these improved login achievements into the future
  • Expand the ability to “Equip All Gear” to lower-level players
  • Filter the Roster by “Non-minion”


There are even more exciting features and content coming in 2022, especially around the 4-year Anniversary of MARVEL Strike Force in March & April. We’ll continue to give you updates in the weekly Friday blog posts as the release dates for new content & features draws near. On behalf of the entire Boundless Entertainment studio, thank you for playing with us and we look forward to sharing an incredible year with you.



Now that you know what's included in the roadmap for 2022, don't miss our upcoming events to prepare your roster for the fights ahead. For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Dual Threats Bonus Event

Start Date: February 26th at 4:00PM (PST)

Rewards: 2x shards for Winter Soldier and Secret Avenger characters in Campaigns

Prep for: Omega Red's Mythic Legendary Event, "The Red Death"

The Red Death Mythic Legendary Event

Start Date: February 27th at 4:00PM (PST)

How to Prepare: Dual Threats Bonus Event

Reward: Omega Red character shards

Requirements: Nick Fury, Winter Soldier, and 3 Secret Avengers with these minimum requirements to unlock Omega Red: Character Level 65, Gear Tier 12, and Iso-8 Class Level 3

Dark Dimension 5 City Poll Winner Blitz

Start Date: February 28th at 4:00PM (PST)

Rewards: Character shards for Anti-Venom

Wakanda Nation Bonus Event

Start Date: March 2nd at 4:00PM (PST)

Rewards: 2x character shards rewards for Wakandan characters from Campaigns

Prep for: Chaos Theory Flash Event (Silver and Gold Promotion Credits)

Self Declared Blitz - 2nd Run!

Start Date: March 3rd at 4:00PM (PST)

Rewards: Kate Bishop character shards

Chaos Theory Flash Event

Start Date: March 4th at 4:00PM (PST)

Rewards: Silver and Gold Promotion Credits

Required Characters: Wakandan

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