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February 19, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Keep your eye on the sky this week, as we'll have the lowdown on a lunar body that's on a collision course with your roster. And after getting your fill of S.T.R.I.K.E.-issued moon cheese, strap in for details on the upcoming Shadowland Event Campaign, high energy Blitzes, and Bonus Events to feed your roster. Now, it's time to introduce you to Mark Spector, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, and, of course, Moon Knight...

Moon Knight

Arriving to help the Shadowland team eclipse top Alliance War Defenses is their fifth member: Moon Knight. Mark Spector was a boxer, Marine, and then a CIA operative before turning to a lucrative career as a mercenary. But while on a contract in the harsh Egyptian desert, his employer left him for dead. Spector found his way into an ancient tomb near a statue of the moon god, Khonshu, where he succumbed to his wounds. But instead of passing on permanently, he was brought back from the dead to be Khonshu's vessel of vengeance: Moon Knight.

Thanks to Spector's days in the military, Moon Knight is a dangerous combatant and deadly with a wide range of weapons. Khonshu endows Moon Knight with enhanced strength, stamina, and reflexes based on the lunar phase of the moon. Spector also suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, caused by his past traumas, which manifests into unique personalities to help him cope with reality. These personalities have also come to assist his crime fighting, including Jake Lockley, a savvy cab driver, and Steven Grant the millionaire playboy.

Turn the tide of Alliance War with Moon Knight!

Traits: Hero, City, Mystic, Brawler, Shadowland

(Abilities shown at 7,7,7,5)

Basic - Dissociative Strike

  • Attack primary target for 340% damage.

  • Gain a random positive effect for 2 turns from this list:

    • Counter

    • Offense Up

    • Speed Up

  • When forced to attack an ally, this character deals less damage to SHADOWLAND characters.

Special - Night Guardian

  • Energy Cost: 5/5

  • Attack primary target for 310% damage + Rebound Chain to 3-5 adjacent targets for 240% damage.

  • Gain +100% Crit Chance on any target that has a negative effect.

  • This attack cannot be Blocked.

  • Counterattack breaks this Chain.

Ultimate - Death From Above

  • Energy Cost: 6/6

  • Attack all enemies for 380%-500% damage + apply Heal Block.

  • 50% chance to apply up to 3 additional negative effects for 2 turns to each enemy from this list:

    • Bleed

    • Blind

    • Defense Down

    • Disrupted

    • Offense Down

    • Slow

  • Gain +100%-200% Focus for this attack.

  • In WAR, this attack clears all positive effects on each enemy.

Passive - Fist of Khonshu

  • This character cannot Block.

  • If this character gains Deflect or at the end of any character's turn, if this character has Deflect, flip Deflect to Offense Up + fill Speed Bar by 20%.

  • Gain +15% Damage Reduction.

  • Gain +40% Resistance.

  • Gain +30% Max Health. SHADOWLAND allies gain +30% Max Health.

  • In WAR, while this character has Counter, gain +50% Damage.

Moonknight 11


Get your claws on White Tiger in her upcoming Event Campaign: Shadowland! 

Join S.T.R.I.K.E. as they infiltrate Shadowland, a Hand fortress commanded by an interdimensional Daredevil. There you'll attempt to rescue White Tiger and stop Daredevil before he can unleash a dark magic upon the Nexus. This mission will require the expertise of characters with the limited-time Infiltrators trait. Filter your roster using the trait "Infiltrators" to find all eligible characters.

Upcoming Blitzes

Bolster your Wakandans and Astonishing X-Men with this week's Blitzes. The next event in our Black History month celebration is up first with the Jabari Chieftain Blitz, featuring M'Baku: M'Baku leads the Jabari tribe, a group who has long opposed the rule of T'Challa (Black Panther) and has clashed with T'Challa on more than one occasion. Despite this, they would come to join T'Challa's side and aid him in battles defending their nation. Be sure to bash your way to character shards for M'Baku. Be sure to bash your way to character shards for M'Baku.

And immediately up next up is the second running of the Marked Man Blitz. Blast your way to character shards for Bishop, the Astonishing X-Men's high-energy Blaster.

Bonus Events

Whether you're guarding Hell's Kitchen, Wakanda, or Asgard, our upcoming Bonus Events have got you covered. Two of our next Bonus Events feature characters who are a part of our Black History Month celebration: Luke Cage and Okoye.

Power up your Power Man in the Hero for Hire event, featuring Luke Cage. After being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Luke Cage was given an experimental treatment. Now armed with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage has become the Hero for Hire, defending the streets of New York City on behalf of the defenseless. Don't miss double shard rewards here:

Luke Cage: Heroes 3-3

And next up is the Tip of the Spear event, starring Okoye. As a member of the Dora Milaje, Okoye serves as a personal bodyguard to T'Challa. Okoye's deadly skills with a spear are only matched by her sharp mind and wisdom. These skills combined have led her to be trusted by Black Panther as one of his closest and most trusted allies. Pluck 2x character shard rewards here:

Okoye: Nexus 6-3

Then to get you ready for your next shot at Black Bolt, be sure to take advantage of 4 Asgard, which is coming soon to an Events Section near you, where you don't need to be Odin to enjoy double shard rewards for Asgardians. Filter your roster using the trait "Asgardian" to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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