The Power Level of Love
February 13, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Love and lethal limbs are in the air this week as we get you in the mood for Valentine's Day. Read on for a bouquet of fun, including a romantic event for one of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s power couples, Blitzes you'll adore, a royally awesome Legendary Event, and more. Let's start this blog off with a royal welcome...

Returning Legendary Event

Last week when we announced the upcoming returning Legendary Event, we mistakenly said that Star-Lord was next. The actual Legend returning will be Black Bolt in "Unite the Kingdoms." To make up for this miscommunication, we'll be running a special version of Black Bolt's login calendar, which will feature 10 shards for each Asgardian character, instead of the usual 5. You'll still need a 5-Star team of Asgardians to recruit Black Bolt, so don't miss out on the increased shards leading up to his event.

Royal Couple

Celebrate the power of love with an upcoming Bonus Event for one of Marvel's most powerful and influential couples: Black Panther & Storm! As the King and Queen of Wakanda, Black Panther and Storm fought alongside one another to defend the people of Wakanda and mutants from some of humanity's greatest threats. Together, their leadership and love created a better and safer world.

Earn double character shard rewards Black Panther and Storm from Campaign nodes:

Black Panther: Nexus 4-9

Storm: Mystic 2-3

Upcoming Blitzes

Add firepower and ice cold abilities to your Roster with our upcoming Blitzes. As part of our ongoing Black History Month celebration, in the chamber first is the Full Salvo Blitz featuring War Machine. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes is the longtime friend of Tony Stark, though he doesn’t always approve of or align with Iron Man's ideals. However, he does always exude loyalty and courage, whether flying a plane or piloting the War Machine suit. Don't miss your chance to mow down character shards for this Power Armor Blaster.

And immediately up next is the second run of Iceman's Cold as Ice Blitz. Stay cool during your second opportunity to earn Iceman shards and bolster your budding Astonishing X-Men team.

Bonus & Flash Events

Put your soldiers of fortune on high alert and rack up rewards in our upcoming Bonus and Flash Events. Pile up Gold in the Payday event where you can send your Mercenary team into battle for a lucrative score. And don't forget to prepare your mercs with the Merc Mayhem Event, where Mercenary character shard rewards are doubled in Campaign nodes. Filter your roster using the trait "Mercenary" to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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