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December 3, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome back to X-Sneak Peek Week! 

Today we'll be revealing details around the third member of the Astonishing X-Men team, but if you missed our previous blog covering the second member, make sure you check out the second X-Sneak Peek blog. 

Stepping off the Blackbird for her Astonishing X-Men introduction this week is the elusive Mutant: Kitty Pryde!

Kitty Pryde

Katherine "Kitty" Pryde is a mutant born with the ability to phase herself and others through solid matter. In addition to her mutant ability, Kitty Pryde is also an expert combatant and possesses genius-level aptitude for programming, modifying, and diagnosing almost any computer system. During one of her missions with the X-Men, Kitty met a dragon-like creature named Lockheed. The two formed a special bond and have fought alongside each other on numerous X-Men missions, including now with Kitty's addition to S.T.R.I.K.E. 

As a member of the Astonishing X-Men team, Kitty Pryde is a Protector who's adept at dealing with enemy Taunters and fortifying her allies. She flips Taunt to Defense Down on enemies and applies Disrupted to enemies via an AoE attack. When the Astonishing X-Men Legendary character is present, Kitty Pryde Heals the most-injured Astonishing X-Men ally on enemy miss or Astonishing X-Men dodge. On her turn in Raids, Kitty applies Defense Up for 2 turns to Astonishing X-Men allies, and on enemy turn, applies Evade to the most injured Astonishing X-Men ally.

Make your Astonishing X-Men untouchable:

Traits: Hero, Global, Mutant, Protector, X-Men, Astonishing X-Men

Basic - Shadowcat Strike

  • Attack primary target for 250% damage + clear 2 positive effects.

Special - Lockheed Blast

  • Energy Cost: 4/4

  • Attack all enemies for 280% damage.

  • Apply Offense Down for 2 turns to all enemies that are not Taunting.

  • Flip Taunt to Defense Down on all Taunting enemies.

  • If any enemy had Taunt, fill this character's Speed Bar by 30%.

Ultimate - Mischievous Sprite

  • Energy Cost: 4/4

  • Attack primary and adjacent targets for 320% damage + apply Disrupted. If target is TECH, apply Disrupted for 2 turns, instead.

  • This attack is unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

Passive - Untouchable

  • Gain +30% Dodge chance.

  • When this character drops below 50% Max Health, gain Stealth for 2 turns.

  • In RAIDS:

    • On Turn, apply Defense Up to the 2 most injured ASTONISHING X-MEN allies or self.

    • On Enemy Turn, apply Evade to the most injured ASTONISHING X-MEN ally or self.

Don't miss the final X-Sneak Peek in this Friday's blog where we'll be revealing the firecracker 4th member of the Astonishing X-Men.

Until then…

Good luck, Commanders!

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