Countdown to 2021
December 18, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

It's been a long year, but 2021 is nearly upon us! Our studio will be using the upcoming holiday as a time to recharge our batteries, which means this is the last blog of the year but that doesn't mean the fun will stop. As we close out 2020 and prepare for 2021, we've got a Russian winter celebration heading your way, shiny milestones to hit, and more events than you can fit underneath a Douglas fir tree. Bundle up, comrades, and let's kick things off with one of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s upcoming new members.

Red Winter 

Keep your roster warm with big rewards in the upcoming Red Winter event! In addition to an avalanche of gear, this is your first chance to stuff your stocking with Red Guardian character shards:

Deep Freeze Orb

Earn Deep Freeze Orb Fragments via the event milestones and then open them to earn Gold, gear, and shards for select characters with the limited-time Seasoned trait, with Red Guardian at a higher drop rate.

Red Alert Milestone

Put enemies on ice in Blitz and Arena using characters with the “Seasoned” trait. Score points by winning in Blitz and competing in Arena (win or lose) to earn Red Guardian shards, Deep Freeze Orb Fragments, and more!


Crimson Affair Milestone

Team up with your Alliance in Raids using Seasoned characters to earn cool rewards: Deep Freeze Orb Fragments, gear pieces, and L3 Training Modules.


Red Winter Milestone

Score points by opening Deep Freeze Orbs to earn Red Guardian characters shards and other rewards.

Mojo's Winter Special Blitz Scoring

We mentioned in last week's blog that the Mojo's Winter Special event is coming soon and will include a Blitz scoring milestone as one of the ways to earn rewards. One thing you’ll notice when the event goes live is that players will earn more points per battle by Blitzing manually, compared to using the new Blitz Sim feature. This scoring detail was made to accommodate players who have not yet unlocked Blitz Sim, and making it a more equitable experience. Mojo’s Winter Special is just the first event to incorporate Blitz Sim, as we'll be applying this scoring update to future events. We'll be monitoring the play experience during these events and making adjustments as needed so each event may have different point/reward disparities between Manual and Simmed Blitz. 

Emma Frost Milestones

Go digging for diamonds in January during the final run of the Emma Frost Milestones! This will be your last chance to bolster the White Queen via the recurring milestones.

Fight in battles, spend Campaign Energy and Gold to hit milestones for Emma Frost character shards. Just like the previous iteration, the High Roller Milestone contains an additional milestone tier, and the five T4 Ability Materials have been replaced with 8 Superior Basic Catalysts Parts.

The Emma Frost Milestones are coming in the near future, so be on the lookout!

New Years Calendar

Hit the ground running in 2021 with a special calendar that'll not only help you ring in the new year but help you ring your enemy's bell as well. Log in every day for 14 days to reap rewards that include Orange War Orbs, Gear Credits, and Raid Gear Orbs.

Arena Store Update

The Arena Store will be buzzing with activity soon, as it will be the new place for Swarm to hang his hive! Keep an eye out for the arrival of this buzzing, human horde and turn your Sinister Six team into the bees knees by snatching up his character shards.

Upcoming Blitzes

The coming month will give you plenty of chances to add new characters, more strength, and heavy firepower to your roster. Make sure you have a pile of Blitz Refreshes ready to inject into your roster to make use of the new Blitz Sim tool as well to maximize your rewards.

Blitzes for the week of 12/21 shine a spotlight on fighters from other dimensions and timelines as they come together for holiday cheer. Cable is out of the gate first with the Time Traveler Blitz where you can mow down foes in the name of this X-Force Blaster's character shards. And immediately up next is the first run of the Probability Master Blitz, starring Longshot. Slice your way toward this mullet-wearing Blaster's shards and beef up one half of X-Factor's deadly one-two punch.

Then say sayonara to 2020 with Blitzes the week of 12/28, which first showcases Rocket Racoon in the Weapons Expert Blitz. Create your own end of the year fireworks with Rocket's character shards, before getting a second wind and jumping into the second run Longshot's Probability Master Blitz.

The week of 1/4 gives you a chance to set the tone in 2021 by first dropping the hammer (and an ax) on enemies during Cull Obsidian's Dwarf Star Blitz, where you can collect this Black Order Protector's character shards. Keep your eyes open, because the elusive Yelena Belova infiltrates the battle next with the Red Room Blitz, which features character shards for this Skill-Military Blaster who feeds off of Stealth.

And rounding out the Blitz fun while we're on our holiday hiatus will be Ironheart and Yelena with Blitzes during the week of 1/11. Ironheart's Tech Prodigy Blitz flies your way first, followed by the second run of Yelena Belova's Red Room Blitz.

Returning Legendary Events

We've got a couple of Legends making their return in the coming weeks -- one veteran and one rookie. Wakanda's tech guru princess is heading your way first in the Princess and the Symbiote. Send your top Spider-Verse team into battle to return home with Shuri shards. And if you want a little extra to celebrate as we flip the calendars to 2021, Surgical S.T.R.I.K.E., featuring Doctor Octopus, is arriving next. You'll need your X-Force team at a minimum of 5-Stars for a chance to recruit the Sinister Six's scheming Support member, so start preparing now.

Bonus & Flash Events

Double your character shard rewards and stock up on valuable resources with these upcoming Bonus and Flash events. For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Whether you're looking to recruit Ironman or just bolstering your War defense, the Calling All Agents event is for you. Don't miss scooping up double shard rewards for S.H.I.E.L.D. characters in Campaign nodes. And not to be outdone, the villainous organization of A.I.M. will enjoy double shard rewards for A.I.M. members during the Bad Science event.

Take a quick break from character shards by setting your sights on Commander Level 80 with the XP Throttle event. Available to Commanders who are Level 61 and above, earn double XP rewards in Campaign nodes for a limited-time.

Prepare for Shuri and the Princess and the Symbiote with the upcoming Tangled Web event that rewards 2x Spider-Verse shards. Then bolster your Wakandan team with Wakanda Nation before unleashing them in Chaos Theory, in the name of Silver and Gold Promotion Credits.

Don't worry, we didn't forget about those lovable ninjas that are five fingers of fun. Next up, give your Hand team a manicure during the “Need a Hand?” Event before earning piles of Catalysts in the Relic Hunt Event.

And to help restock your Gold supplies, the next run of Payday is on the way. But before you go digging, be sure to fortify your de facto miners in the Merc Mayhem event, that'll reward double character shards for Mercenaries.

Phew! Got it all? 

That'll do it from all of us at MARVEL Strike Force for 2020. Thank you for your continued passion and support during this year. We hope all of you stay safe and healthy during the holiday season.

We'll see you all back here for our next blog on January 15 where we'll have more fun in store for 2021.

Until next year…

Good luck, Commanders!

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