Winter Storm Warning
December 11, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

A Russian winter storm is heading your way this week, and we've got the lowdown on how to heat up your roster so you can put your enemies on ice. But don't touch that dial afterward, because we've also got an event that'll turn your roster into stars, Blitzes, and lucrative events on the way. Let's start things off by bundling up with your favorite babushka and meeting two of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s upcoming recruits...

Yelena Belova & Red Guardian

Add the might of the Russian motherland to your roster with Yelena Belova and Red Guardian!

Yelena Belova was chosen as a teenager for the Soviet Union's Black Widow Ops program, which aimed to create the world's deadliest female spy. There she underwent specialized training in the infamous Red Room to be the potential replacement for Natasha Romanoff, the original Black Widow, who had gone rogue. Through years of intense training, Yelena became an expert spy and master combatant. 

Alexi Shostakov was one of the Soviet Union's most talented and celebrated test pilots when he was enlisted by his government for a secret program. The KGB trained Alexi to become the second Red Guardian, the Soviet Union's counterpart to Captain America -- an elite fighter and figurehead meant for priority missions. 

Red Guardian and Yelena slot into the Skill-Military team. Yelena is a cunning Blaster whose Damage is amplified when Stealthed, while Red Guardian is a stout Protector who Taunts on Spawn and heals allies. 

Filling in the ranks of the Skill-Military team are Punisher, Killmonger, and Mercenary Soldier. Most of the Skill-Military faction have a new mechanic that represents their use of tactics in combat, where they can take an enemy positive effect and apply it to themselves and all Skill-Military allies. Befitting a band of soldiers, the Skill-Military team will be a formidable opponent in Alliance War.

For a full breakdown of Yelena's and Red Guardian's abilities, check out this video (English only):

Mojo's Winter Special

This holiday season, skip the same old holiday movies and tune into the upcoming event everyone will be talking about: Mojo's Winter Special! Wow the crowd with your combat skills to carry home tons of fabulous prizes.

Screen Time

Earn Screen Time currency by spending Campaign Energy (excluding Event Campaign Energy), winning battles in Blitz, and completing the following Daily Objectives: Daily Raid Battles, Real-Time Arena Contender, and Daily Arena Battles. 

Screen Champions Milestone

Earn rewards based on the total number of Screen Time currency spent opening orbs. Rewards include character shards, Orange unique gear, mini-unique gear for Gear Tier 14 & 15, and Gold Promotion Credits.

Primetime, Syndication, Re-Run Orbs

Become a rewards star by opening the limited-time Orbs with Screen Time to earn gear, orb fragments, Elite Credits, and more!

Bonus Events

But wait, there's more…

Re-Energize - The cost to purchase 120 Campaign Energy (excluding Event and Isotope-8 Campaign Energy) will remain at 50 Power Cores for 24 hours.

Ion Influx - The cost to refresh Isotope-8 Campaign Energy will remain at 50 Power Cores for 24 hours.

Catalyst Cataclysm - Earn 3x Basic Catalyst Parts from select Campaign nodes.

Train and Gain - Earn 2x Training Modules from Campaign nodes.

Upcoming Blitzes

Overwhelm enemies with an electrical storm or a literal storm with these upcoming Blitzes. Rescue is flying in first in the Sonic Resonance Blitz where you can upgrade your Power Armor Support specialist with Rescue shards. And immediately up next is the Weather Goddess Blitz featuring Storm. Rain down blows upon your foes and fortify this extreme weather X-Men Controller.

Bonus Events

Terrigen Storm

Start preparing to recruit Ebony Maw by bolstering your Inhumans with the Terrigen Storm event! For 24 hours, Inhuman character shards rewarded in Campaign Nodes will be doubled in the following nodes:

Ms. Marvel: Mystic 2-6

Quake: Heroes 6-6

Karnak: Nexus 8-6

Payday & Merc Mayhem

Build up your bullion supply for the month with the upcoming Payday event, where you can lead your top Mercenaries into battle for a chance to earn piles of Gold. And, as usual, you can get ready for Payday with the Merc Mayhem event, where you can earn 2x shard payouts for Mercenaries in the following Campaign Nodes:

Korath the Pursuer: Villains 5-9

Mercenary Lieutenant: Villains 3-3

Mercenary Sniper: Nexus 4-6

Bullseye: Heroes 4-9

And that's a wrap! Tune in next week for the final blog of 2020 where we'll be going over the events that'll lead you to greener pastures… a.k.a. 2021.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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