The Quantum Shadow
November 6, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Halloween may have returned to the grave, but this week we have information on a mysterious wraith who's stalking enemies of S.T.R.I.K.E. on the battlefield. And after summoning details on this fighting spirit, we have magnetic information on two Legendary Events coming up, two longtime friends heading to Blitz, and all the upcoming events fit to print. For now, put away those silly white bed sheets, because an actual spectre has arrived...


Haunt the battlefield with Ghost! After a botched experiment involving the Quantum Realm killed Ava Starr's parents, she was left an orphan and soon discovered that the accident granted her the ability to become intangible. She was taken in by S.H.I.E.L.D., whose scientists built her an advanced containment suit -- the "Ghost Suit" -- that allowed her to switch between solid and intangible forms at will. Along with her quantum mutation that allows her to phase through solid objects and become invisible, Ghost is also a master spy and deadly assassin.

As a member of the Pym Tech team, Ghost is a Controller who reduces enemy Speed Bar, Heals all Pym Tech allies on Dodge, and steals enemy Health. But the Dark Dimension is where Ghost is truly scary! For Pym Tech allies within Dormammu's realm, Ghost applies Evade, has a chance to boost allies with stolen enemy positive effects, and grants additional Speed.

For a breakdown of Ghost's ghastly capabilities, check out this video (English only):

Dark Dimension IV Rewards

Dark Dimension IV's opening is nearly upon us and as we've announced, Doctor Doom is lending his services to Commanders who prove to be worthy by conquering this new trial. But just like the other Dark Dimensions, there are glorious rewards to be earned as you make your way toward Doom. Here are the treasures that await:

Each mission in Dark Dimension IV will reward 300K Gold and one of the following:

5 Gold Orbs

1 Mega Orb

200 Orange Ability Materials

1 Elite 5 Star Orb

The final sum of all the node rewards will be 35 Gold Orbs, 4 Mega Orbs, and 4 Elite 5-Star Orbs.

After clearing Dark Dimension IV for the first time, in addition to a 5-Star Doctor Doom, you'll receive a 2-Red Star Doctor Doom, and various gear pieces. Clearing the timed run of Dark Dimension IV will earn you these rewards a second time, as well as a fully maxed out 7-star Doctor Doom and a 4-Red Star Doctor Doom.

The glory of Doom and treasures fit for a king await your efforts, Commander. Continue preparing your forces for the challenges that await in Dark Dimension IV!

Emma Frost Milestone Update

Emma Frost's run in the Recurring Milestones will be coming to an end soon, and there’s no arguing with her when her mind is made up. Be sure to keep fighting in battles, and spending Campaign Energy and Gold to earn the White Queen's character shards before they're gone.

Returning Legendary Events

Due to the timing of this blog, we've got two upcoming Legendary Events to give you the lowdown on. First up is Nick Fury, who is leaving his Helicarrier office and heading out onto the battlefield for the Chasing Fury Event. Start gearing up and leveling up your top Kree team for a chance at grabbing precious Nick Fury character shards. And next up will be Magneto in Asteroid M, where you'll send your top 5 X-Men and Brotherhood members out on a mission to acquire Magneto shards. 

Upcoming Blitzes

Next week's Blitzes feature a couple of besties who are far from friendly in battle. The no-nonsense Jessica Jones leaps into action first in the Alias Blitz, where controlling the action against enemies will earn you character shards for this infamous Defender. And soaring into Blitz next is the high-flying Captain Marvel in the Ace Pilot Blitz, where you can go binary for this Brawler's high-profile shards.

Bonus & Flash Events

Kree for All

Make sure your Kree team is up to snuff for Chasing Fury, with the upcoming Kree for All Bonus Event. For 24 hours, earn 2x Kree character shards in campaign nodes. Please filter your roster using the trait "Kree" to find all affected characters, marked with green (!) indicators. Enter the character screen and tap the [FIND] button to see their Campaign node.

Relic Hunt

Take off your gloves and unleash your Hands team in the upcoming Relic Hunt event, where you'll have a chance to earn tons of Advanced Basic Catalysts!

That's all for now, so this is where we disappear.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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