They’ve Got the X-Factor
November 20, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Next week our studio/company will be observing the American Thanksgiving holiday, which means we're going over two weeks worth of exciting content today. In honor of our double dose of events, we'll be previewing two members of the new X-Factor faction. And if you're still hungry after that, we're serving up piping hot details on our upcoming Blitzes and weekly events. Now, if you think today is your lucky day, this first section may be the source of that luck...

Longshot & Shatterstar

Cut through the odds with Longshot and Shatterstar!

Longshot is a genetically engineered slave from the extradimensional planet Mojoworld, a land dominated by beings known as the "Spineless Ones." While on Mojoworld, Longshot was made to perform stunts for a Spineless One named Mojo, who filmed his stunts for the entertainment of his people. Longshot eventually led a slave uprising and fled to earth, but not before Mojo wiped his memory. For the Spineless Ones, Longshot was engineered with superhuman reflexes, agility, accuracy, and healing ability, along with the ability to psionically affect probability fields, giving him the appearance of "good luck." 

Similar to Longshot, Shatterstar is also a genetically engineered slave from the Mojoworld. On Mojoworld, Shatterstar was engineered to be the perfect gladiator and made to fight in a colosseum for Mojo, who broadcasted his fights for the entertainment of his people. Eventually, Shatterstar joined a resistance group and helped fight back against the Spineless Ones. He was engineered with enhanced strength, speed, and stamina, as well as the ability to convert sonic frequencies into a vibratory shockwave channeled through weapons.

The two rebels also share a unique family history; Shatterstar is Longshot's son, but during Shatterstar's time traveling adventures, he also became Longshot's genetic donor, and thus Longshot's father - and you thought your family was complicated. We took this paradoxical family tree and turned it into an explosive one-two punch.

Shatterstar and Longshot are both members of the newly formed X-Factor faction and share many similarities that make them a crushing force when paired together. Longshot grants bonus Crit chance, while Shatterstar grants bonus Crit Damage. They each have a Passive ability mechanic based on their Crit chance as well; on self or ally Crit, Longshot increases Speed Bar for himself and X-Factor allies, and Shatterstar Barriers himself and X-Factor allies. The duo also lend Bonus attacks on each other's Basic abilities when they're allies.

Wow the crowd with the Prince of Blades and the Lucky One:


Traits: Hero, Cosmic, Mutant, Blaster, X-Factor

Basic - Blade Toss

  • Attack primary target for 240% damage + Bonus Attack for 160% damage.

  • If Shatterstar is an ally, Bonus Attack for 210% damage.

Special - Fan of Knives

  • Energy Cost: 2/2

  • Attack all enemies for 260% damage + apply Bleed

Ultimate - Knife Assault

  • Energy Cost: 5/7

  • Attack primary target for 550% damage.

  • This attack has 50% extra Crit Chance.

  • Damage is increased by an amount equal to this character's total Crit Chance.

Passive - Against All Odds

  • On self or ally Crit, fill Speed Bar by 20% for self and all X-Factor allies.

  • On Turn, Heal for 20% of this character's Max Health.

  • Gain +25% Crit Chance.

  • All allies gain +10% Crit Chance.


Traits: Hero, Cosmic, Mutant, Brawler, X-Factor

Basic - Twin Blades

  • Attack primary target for 200% damage + Bonus Attack for 150% damage.

  • If Longshot is an ally, Bonus Attack for 150% damage.

Special - Cross Slash

  • Energy Cost: 6/6

  • Attack all enemies for 240% Piercing + apply Defense Down for 2 turns to primary target.

  • Grant 1 Ability Energy to a Longshot ally.

Ultimate - Empathetic Onslaught

  • Energy Cost: 4/4

  • Attack primary target for 350% damage + Chain to 3 adjacent targets for 310% damage.

  • Counterattack breaks this Chain.

  • If Longshot is an ally, instead attack all enemies for 350% damage + Apply Defense Up for 2 turns to self and X-Factor allies.

Passive - Force of Will

  • On self or ally Crit, Barrier self and X-Factor allies for 20% of this character's Max Health.

  • On Turn, Heal for 20% of this character's Max Health.

  • Gain +25% Crit Damage.

  • All allies gain +10% Crit Damage.

Dark Dimension IV Celebration

Dark Dimension IV's opening is just around the interdimensional corner. While S.T.R.I.K.E.'s top Commanders are working their way through this intimidating challenge, we'll be preparing to celebrate the first person to conquer Dormammu's newest realm. Here's what we have planned for the community:

Login Calendar

The first conqueror of Dark Dimension IV will choose a character to be featured in a future Login Calendar that'll reward 100 character shards total, in addition to other rewards.


We'll conduct 3 polls on our social media channels featuring characters used by the first finisher. The winners chosen by the community will be featured in future Blitzes.


Bonus Events and a special edition of the “10 for 10” offer will feature characters used by the first finisher.

In-Game Enshrinement

A Dark Dimension tradition: the winner will live on forever in MARVEL Strike Force infamy as a part of an in-game environment!

Characters eligible to be selected by the winner or featured in these events must have been released before November 24, 2020, and must have been released via Blitz, Campaign mode, Event Campaign, or Raid.

Good luck to all those who dare enter Dark Dimension IV!

Character Availability Updates

One of the most-feared War characters is heading to the Campaign nodes in the coming weeks: Red Skull! Keep your eyes on the following Campaign node for your chance to start powering up your Hydra team:

Red Skull: Doom 1-6 (replacing Thor)

To accommodate the change, Thor will be taking his godly services to another node:

Thor: Heroes 7-3 (replacing Black Widow, but she’s still available in Villains 1-9)

Returning Legendary Event

Black Bolt is screaming back for the return of his Legendary Event, "Unite the Kingdoms." To add this royal Blaster to your roster, you'll need to assemble a 5-star squad of Asgardians, so start bolstering your team of the gods, so you can recruit the Legendary leader of the Inhumans.


If you're going through Halloween withdrawals, Blitzes for the week of 11/23 should give you one last spooky fix. Flying in first is Green Goblin in the Oz Blitz where you can bolster your mad pumpkin bomber with character shards and avoid taking your Sinister Six team back to formula. And appearing next is the second run of the Quantum Snare Blitz, featuring Ghost. Don't miss your second chance to scare up character shards for Ghost and build up this powerful Dark Dimension ally.

Blitzes for the week of 11/30 showcase a couple of Blasters that know how to sting the competition. Killmonger is out of the barrel first in the Rival King Blitz, with the opportunity to mow down enemies in the name of his character shards. Then quickly reload for the first run of the Sharp Sting Blitz, which features character shards for Yellowjacket, Pym Tech's swarming Blaster.

Bonus & Flash Events

We've got some big name events heading your way the next couple of weeks. For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

The week of 11/23 shines a spotlight on your City Heroes with the arrival of Block Party, where you can earn piles of Ability Materials. Prep for this big city bash with the Neighborhood Watch Event, which rewards 2x character shards in Campaign nodes featuring City Hero characters.

Also on the horizon is 4 Asgard, which is your opportunity to grab double Asgardian character shard rewards for the upcoming Black Bolt Legendary Event.

And clawing back for its monthly run is the Chaos Theory Event. Send your Wakandan team into battle to earn Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. Prepare your Wakandans for this bullion barrage with the upcoming Wakanda Nation event, which rewards 2x shards in node rewards for Wakandans.

That's all for this week! We'll be back on 12/4 for one of the final blogs of 2020. If you're celebrating a holiday in the coming weeks, have fun and be safe!

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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