Prepare for Symbiosis
November 13, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Grab your flashlight and EMF detector, because we've got a high stakes paranormal investigation coming up that you don't want to miss. And if an encounter with a fatal phantom has you wanting more, we've also got a cold front moving into Blitz, and returning Bonus Events coming to life. But this first section is courtesy of our friendly neighborhood Symbiotes...

Parasitic Symbiosis

Sink your teeth into the upcoming Parasitic Symbiosis milestone! Use your Symbiote team in Arena, Blitz, and Raids to earn points and hit daily milestones. Rewards include Advanced and Superior gear, Training Modules, and the limited-time Bounty Orb Fragments. Start preparing your Symbiote team for this mouth-watering opportunity.

Upcoming Blitzes

Stay cool in the dark next week with characters that thrive in the shadows. Winter Soldier answers the call first in the Bucky Barnes Blitz where you won't need an armored appendage to scoop up piles of Winter Soldier character shards. And up next is the first appearance of Ghost in the Quantum Snare Blitz. Don't miss this chance to scare up as many character shards as possible for the Pym Tech team's Dark Dimension daemon.

Future Update to Greek Raid Traits

Recently there have been some questions from the community regarding the current trait requirements for the “Greek Raids” (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) and if they will be updated when the Raid Difficulty Selector is introduced.

Simultaneously, we’ve been reading some player feedback on the Pym Tech team, which acknowledges that they are a powerhouse team in Dark Dimension but that it would be nice for them to have some additional value in other game modes.

The team is taking action on both these pieces of feedback in one stroke by announcing future changes to the Greek Raid trait requirements AFTER the Raid Difficulty Selector has been implemented:

  • Nodes that are currently Hand + Kree will become Kree + Pym Tech

  • Nodes that are currently Kree + Ravager will become Pym Tech + Wakandan

  • Nodes that are currently Hand + Kree + Ravager will become Kree + Pym Tech + Wakandan

We’re targeting this change in mid-December, but as always with future features, that’s subject to change. Thank you to those who provided feedback on these topics.

Bonus & Flash Events

Gifted Gathering

How do you prepare for an Asteroid hurtling toward Earth? With Mutants, of course! Just in time for Magneto's Legendary Event is Gifted Gathering, where you can evolve your roster with 2x Mutant and Brotherhood character shard rewards in Campaign nodes. Filter your roster using the trait "Mutant" or "Brotherhood" to find all eligible characters.

Merc Mayhem & Payday

It's time again to stuff your coffers to the brim with the upcoming Payday event! Send your Mercenary team into battle on a lucrative mission to grab piles of Gold. And prepare your soldiers of fortune for their big score with the Merc Mayhem Event, where Mercenary character shard rewards are doubled in Campaign nodes. Filter your roster using the trait "Mercenary" to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

That's all for this week! If you're looking for more fun, check out the latest Marvel Comics over on, including Marauders #15.


Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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