Donations and Tech
November 12, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

The fight for Alliance supremacy is a battle that must be fought through cooperation across the Alliance ranks and today, we're briefing everyone on several updates to improve the rewards reaped from your teamwork. We've also got the lowdown on character availability, stout Blitzes, and weekly events that'll act as a catalyst for success.

Alliance Donations & Stark Tech

Alliance Donations and Stark Tech have been tools for Alliances for some time now, but with more active Alliances than ever in MARVEL Strike Force, we want to update the features to help improve Alliance progress for new and veteran Commanders alike. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes new Alliances to level up and lower the cost of Stark Tech for all. Here's what's coming with our forthcoming Version 5.9 Release:

Alliance Donations

The first big update you'll notice is we'll be doubling Alliance XP rewards from Alliance Donations for the Basic, Premium, and Elite donations, as well as the Alliance XP reward for the Daily Objective donation. Additionally, the cost of making Power Core Donations and refreshing your Alliance Donations will be reduced.

When these improvements go live, you'll likely notice an increase in the Alliance XP required to hit Alliance Donation milestones. However, the new double XP payouts will compensate for that change and then some. Basically, after the first milestone you'll be able to hit milestones with fewer players needing to contribute.

Stark Tech

Tony Stark's powerful line of Stark Tech will also get an update. In addition to the above improvements, the cost to upgrade your Stark Tech will be reduced for all Stark Tech levels and especially for the early levels.

Availability Updates

We’ve got some big news regarding the Doctor Strange “What If…?” costume, which is currently available to preview in the game. The dev team collectively loves the episode of “What If…?” where Stephen Strange went down a dark path, and we moved quickly to create the associated costume.

However, while we were making plans to release the costume, the team also started working on some exciting new content, which is currently scheduled to be released next year. We realized that the version of Doctor Strange from “What If…?” would fit in perfectly with that content as a new character. So, in the near future, the costume for Doctor Strange will be removed, but then return as a brand new playable character in 2022!

We’re not quite ready to announce the team that the new Doctor Strange will be a part of, but have fun theorizing and discussing. :D

In non-Doctor Strange news, Silver Samurai is heading into the Elite Store on November 17th at 4:00PM (PST). Be sure to head there to upgrade Weapon X's cutting edge Protector.

Dark Dimension V

A few weeks back we provided the details on the upcoming Dark Dimension V and today, we have the official date that the dimension will open for willing Commanders. Dormammu is opening this new realm on November 18th at 4:00PM (PST)! Start prepping the required teams now, Commanders, as Dark Dimension V is sure to be the greatest challenge yet.

Our team has also discovered a visual issue with how the Dark Dimension V rewards are displayed on the Rewards pop-up for both the First Run and the Timed Run. When Dark Dimension V goes live, you'll notice that all of the Teal gear is lumped together in a middle column labeled "10 Random Items," which includes Mini-Uniques, Catalysts, and origin gear. However, this column should only include gear parts. The rest of the Teal gear pieces should instead be listed in a right-hand column, labeled "9232 Random Items." 

We'll be fixing this visual issue in a future release, but until then, keep in mind that you'll be receiving a total of 9,242 gear parts and pieces upon completing your first run -- in addition to Dormammu and his 2-Red Star Promotion.

Trauma Update

We'll soon be making a minor modification to how Trauma functions, but it will have a significant impact on certain characters.

Currently, a character inflicted with Trauma will clear it at the start of that character’s turn. This is creating a perception that certain characters with the ability to clear debuffs on themselves, like Deadpool and Kestrel, are clearing Trauma because of their Passive ability. In actuality, the Trauma debuff is expiring when it is intended, not because of their Passive abilities. As this is likely to cause indefinite confusion with some players, we are planning on updating when Trauma expires.

In the near future, characters inflicted with Trauma will have the debuff expire at the end of their turn (after they have taken their actions), instead of at the beginning of their turn. This will make Trauma more potent than it is now and the team will be closely monitoring the effects of this change to ensure that it’s creating the desired results.

Blitz Update

Some of you may have noticed that after a Blitz battle, the opponent slot no longer auto-populates and you need to tap on “Find Opponent” to see another squad. This change was made with version 5.8 and was missed in the release notes.

This was a necessary change due to the increased popularity of the Blitz feature and its inclusion of points contribution to Mojo’s Mayhem. With players Blitzing more often, there is significantly more strain on the game servers. As the majority of the time players don’t immediately Blitz again with the same team, there isn’t a critical need for an automatic server call and this change will help to ensure server stability and a smooth experience for all players. 

Upcoming Blitzes

Stepping into the Blitz ring in the coming week are two characters who can take and dish out a punch. Up first on November 15th at 4:00PM (PST) is the Stinger Blitz, featuring Wasp. Don't miss your chance to drop the hammer on foes in battle to earn these shards.

Up next on November 18th at 4:00PM (PST) is the Immortal Protector Blitz, where you can slug your way to tons of Iron Fist shards.

Bonus & Flash Events

Douse your X-Force characters with character shards with the upcoming Full Force Bonus Event. On November 14th at 4:00PM (PST), don't miss your chance to earn 2x X-Force character shard rewards from Campaign nodes. Filter your roster by X-Force for the list of eligible X-Force characters and their nodes.

Then on November 19th at 4:00PM (PST), it's time to send your Hand team on a mission to bring back Catalyst Parts with the "Relic Hunt" Flash Event. Bolster your team of ninjas on November 18th at 4:00PM (PST) with the "Need a Hand?" Bonus Event, which rewards double shards in Campaign nodes for Hand characters. Filter your roster by Hand for a list of eligible characters and their node locations.

Rounding out the fun on November 19th at 4:00PM (PST) is a chance to boost your Commander level again with another run of the XP Throttle Bonus Event. Commanders Level 14 and above earn double XP rewards from Campaign nodes for a limited time.

Sersi Ability Clarification

We'll be making a text correction in the near future for Sersi's Level 7 Upgrade for her Special Ability, "Stunning Inspiration." Currently, this text is missing:

“+10% of this character’s Max Health as Barrier for self and Ikaris ally”

“In ARENA, +10% of this character’s Max Health as Barrier for all other allies”

The current combat behavior is correct and will remain unchanged.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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