A Diamond in the Milestones
October 9, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Shine on this week with sparkling events that can add a crown jewel to your roster. And once you've inspected the goods, read on for the lowdown on our smashing Blitzes, a returning Legendary event, a milestone character that's a cut above the rest, and other weekly events. Let's begin!

Recurring Milestones Updates

Emma Frost is back for a second stint in the milestone rewards! Fight in battles, and spend Campaign Energy and Gold to hit milestones and earn Emma Frost character shards. Just like the previous iteration, the High Roller Milestone contains an additional milestone tier and the 5 T4 Ability Materials have been replaced with 8 Superior Basic Catalysts Parts.

All three recurring milestones will also receive an Iso-8 update. Starting with the next Emma Frost iteration, we'll be removing some Milestone Orb Fragments and replacing them with Basic T1 Iso-8 Orb Fragments.

Keep an eye out for the start of the Emma Frost Milestones and start earning these new rewards!

Returning Legendary Event

Bust out your cassette player, because Star-Lord's Legendary Event, Space Ace, is coming in for a landing soon. Start powering up your Guardians and Ravagers for a chance to add this Legendary leader with mesmerizing dance moves to your roster.

Upcoming Blitzes

Fan the flames of destruction with Blitzes featuring smashing characters this week. The Pyrokinetic Blitz sparks the fun first, where you can torch foes for Pyro character shards. Immediately up next, keep the heat on the competition for the Emerald Liberator Blitz where you can slug it out in battles to earn She-Hulk shards. Due to her time filling in for the Thing on the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk slots in as an unofficial Fantastic Four member and enjoys powerful synergies with the Mister Fantastic's family on Alliance War Defense. Don't miss out on the first Blitz run for this powerhouse Protector!

Bonus & Flash Events

Clear out your coffers and get ready to fill them up with Gold! Lead your top Mercenary team into the Payday Flash Event where you can score big Gold rewards. And if you need to bolster your Mercenary team, the Merc Mayhem Bonus Event has you covered. Grab 2x character shards rewards for Mercenaries in the following Campaign nodes:

Korath the Pursuer: Villains 5-9

Mercenary Lieutenant: Villains 3-3

Mercenary Sniper: Nexus 4-6

Bullseye: Heroes 2-6 & Villains 1-3

As a reminder: Payday runs every third weekend of the month, so don't miss your monthly chance to stock up.

That's all we could dig up this week! Don't miss next week's blog, because the Halloween fun is on the way.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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