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October 8, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Rumor has it that the legendary Black Blade has been sighted on Nexus Earth, and this week we've got the details on a warrior to help dull its villainous wielders. Also slicing your way is the next season of S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass, a magnetic repeating Legendary Event, wild Blitzes, and precious Bonus Events. Now, unsheathe your excitement for the arrival of a Weapon X warrior...

Silver Samurai

Keniuchio Harada is the mutant son of a former Japanese crime lord and grew up learning the disciplines of the medieval samurai. His mutant ability allows him to generate a tachyon energy field from within his body. He can focus this energy through any object, but he typically chooses to focus the energy through his preferred weapon: the katana. Operating under the name of "Silver Samurai," Harada has worked for various criminals around the world, as a hero for the Japanese government, and alongside Wolverine on multiple occasions.

Silver Samurai carves out a role for himself on the War-focused Weapon X team. He's a stout Protector with solid Health and Armor, which is further enhanced by an Armor boost in his Passive ability, "Way of the Blade." Silver Samurai protects allies with Taunt, Barrier, and Defense Up, but enemies should also beware of his blade, as all of Silver Samurai's abilities are Piercing attacks that also apply Heal Block. But the most important part of Silver Samurai's kit is his Charge mechanic, which can be used to remove negative effects from himself and power up his Ultimate ability, Bushido Barrage. On turn, he clears (and loses) one negative effect per Charge, while his Ultimate Ability gains a Bonus Attack per Charge. Silver Samurai himself gains a bonus Assist chance for each Weapon X ally, increasing his attack potency. The Weapon X team gains increased Armor in all game modes and additional Resistance in Alliance War.

Cut down enemies with Silver Samurai:

Traits: Villain, Global, Mutant, Protector, Weapon X

Basic - Tachyon Slash

  • Transfer 1 Counter from primary target to self.
  • Attack primary target for 250% Piercing.
  • Gain +1 Counter, up to a maximum of 5.
  • The attack gains 300% Extra Focus.

Special - Executioner Slice

  • Energy Cost: 3/3
  • Gain Taunt for 2 turns.
  • Gain +3 Counter and +3 Deflect, up to a maximum of 5 each.
  • Apply Defense Up for 2 turns to self and all Weapon X allies.
  • Barrier self and Weapon X allies for 20% of this character's Max Health.
  • Flip Counter on the primary and adjacent targets.
  • Attack primary and adjacent targets for 250% Piercing + apply Offense Down.

Ultimate - Bushido Barrage

  • Energy Cost: 4/4
  • Attack primary target for 200% Piercing + apply Stun.
  • If Charged, Bonus Attack primary target for 200% Piercing.
  • Gain +1 Bonus Attack for each Charged, up to a maximum of 5 Bonus attacks, then remove Charged.
  • Gain 1000% Extra Focus for this attack.
  • Characters killed by this attack cannot be revived.
  • This attack is unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

Passive - Way of the Blade

  • On Turn, gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.
  • On Turn if this character has Charged, is not stunned, and has any negative effects, remove 1 negative effect on this character for each Charged and lose 1 Charged for each negative effect cleared.
  • On this character's or any WEAPON X ally's turn, Barrier self for 10% of this character's Max Health.
  • On attacked, gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.
  • This character applies Heal Block for 2 turns, with 500% Extra Focus on all attacks.
  • Gain +40% Armor. Weapon X allies gain +40% Armor.
  • Gain +40% Resistance. WEAPON X allies gain +40% Resistance.
  • Gain +10% chance to Assist + 10% chance per WEAPON X ally.
  • If this character has 4 or more WEAPON X allies, Reduce Assist Chance for all enemies by 25%.
  • In WAR: On Spawn, gain 5 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.
  • In WAR: Gain +40% Piercing per Charged.
  • In WAR: Reduce the Assist Chance of all enemies by 100% instead.

Curse of Muramasa

One of your first chances to recruit Silver Samurai is with the upcoming "Curse of Muramasa" Event. Starting on October 15th at 5:00PM (PDT), join Wolverine and Silver Samurai as they attempt to stop an alternate Earth's Weapon X team from using the power of the Black Blade to wreak havoc. To join this mission, you'll need to assemble an elite team of characters with the limited-time Honorable trait. For the list of characters using this trait, filter your roster using: Honorable.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass

Season 8 of S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass enters the spotlight on October 12th at 5:00PM (PDT) and this season will be your second shot at earning character shards for the New Warriors duo of Cloak and Dagger. The beginning of the Free Pass will feature 20 Dagger character shards, while the Premium Pass features an additional 20 shards among the rewards (40 available in total). And just like the previous season, you'll also earn Luminous Credits by hitting season long S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass Levels. Use these Credits to open either the Luminous Cloak Orb or the Luminous Dagger Orb, and each orb will reward 5 shards for the specified character. 

Repeating Legendary Event

If you're in need of a master of magnetism, then we have just the event for you. Heading back your way on October 11th at 5:00PM (PDT) is Magneto's Legendary Event, "Asteroid M." Lead your top team of Brotherhood and X-Men into battle to earn character shards for the Legendary leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Appearing prior to the event to help you prep will be the Gifted Gathering Bonus Event and an upcoming inbox with 3 shards each for up to 7 of the available characters.

Upcoming Blitzes

Recruit the services of a friendly neighborhood spider and a Shadowland tiger in our Hispanic Heritage Month Blitzes this week. Swinging your way on October 11th at 5:00PM (PDT) is the Kid Arachnid Blitz, where you can web your way to Spider-Man (Miles) character shards. And then roaring your way on October 14th at 5:00PM (PDT) is the Ancestral Spirit Blitz. Pounce on enemies and get your paws on tons of White Tiger character shards.

Bonus & Flash Events

Prepare for Magneto's return on October 10th at 5:00PM (PDT) with the Gifted Gathering Bonus Event, which rewards 2x shard payouts from Campaign nodes for your X-Men and Brotherhood characters. Filter your roster by X-Men or Brotherhood for a complete list of eligible characters and their locations.

Then on October 15th at 5:00PM (PDT), Chaos Theory returns! Send your Wakandans into battle to stuff your coffers with Gold and Silver Promotion Credits. Prep this important team on October 14th at 5:00PM (PDT) with the Wakanda Nation Bonus Event. Earn double character shard payouts in Campaign nodes for Wakandans for 24 hours. For a complete list of eligible characters and their node locations, filter your roster by Wakandan.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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