Asteroid M Returns
October 18, 2019

This week we're staying in the Halloween spirit with spooky events centered around our devious characters and a bonus event for Highway to Halloween. But first up, the return of the Brotherhood's Legendary leader.

Magneto Legendary Event

Magneto is descending into battle once again for his epic Legendary Event: Asteroid M. Assemble your top squad of five-star mutants and Brotherhood members for a shot at recruiting the Master of Magnetism. 

The Brotherhood of Mutants is one of the most formidable foes in Arena and Blitz because of their powerful synergies, and Magneto's abilities round out the team. Magneto’s Ultimate can pull enemies together for his Brotherhood members with AoE to do collective damage. This magnetic Ultimate is also great for non-Brotherhood teams that rely on adjacent or AoE abilities. Lastly, Magneto brings Ability Blocks, Blinds, and the removal of positive effects to the table, so if Juggernaut gets knocked out of action, the team can still stand strong.

Now's the time to recruit Magneto!

Highway to Halloween: Sweet Treats

Satisfy your shard sweet tooth with the Highway to Halloween Sweet Treats Bonus Event. For 24 hours, Campaign nodes will reward double the character shards for characters with the Trick or Treat trait. 

The king-sized shard candy can be snatched up in the following nodes:

  • Villains 5-6: Mystique
  • Nexus 2-9: Groot
  • Nexus 5-6: Green Goblin
  • Nexus 6-9: Venom
  • Mystic 2-9: Doctor Strange
  • Mystic 3-6: Loki

Coming Soon: Trick or Treat Poll

The classic Halloween question is making a return to MARVEL Strike Force: Trick or Treat? Be on the lookout for our Community Poll where you'll get to vote on whether the Community receives the "trick" prize or the "treat" prize.

Punisher & Mystique Blitz

Rank up members of the Defenders and Brotherhood during this week's Blitzes. Lock and load your top Blitz teams for Punisher shards, and then infiltrate the top of the Blitz leaderboard for Mystique shards.

And don't forget you can start earning Ghost Rider character shards by Blitzing via the Highway to Halloween Milestones. Engage in Blitz battles and hit Milestones to earn Jack-O’-Lantern Orb Fragments. The Jack-O’-Lantern Orb will contain select event characters and features Ghost Rider at a higher drop rate.

Looking Ahead

Don't miss our upcoming blogs which will have breakdowns of the complete Supernatural team and the newest member of Asgard.

That's all for this week! As always…

Good luck, Commanders!

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