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Greetings Commanders,

There's no rest for the wicked this week, because we're waging war against the forces that go bump in the night. We'll also be shining a nightlight on our upcoming Blitzes, an orb update, and a Bonus Event befitting a lord of the stars. Put on a pot of coffee, because you don't want to sleep on this first section...

Waking Nightmare

Conquer the darkness in the name of scary good rewards during the upcoming Waking Nightmare event! In addition to Gold and gear rewards, Waking Nightmare will be your first chance at recruiting Anti-Venom. Bond with this Symbiote's shards in events that'll keep you up at night:

Fright Light Orb

Earn Fright Light Orb Fragments via the event milestones, and then open them to earn Gold, gear, and shards for characters with the limited-time Masked Caper trait, with Anti-Venom at a higher drop rate.

Dream Warriors Milestones

Haunt other teams in Blitz and Arena using characters with the Masked Caper trait. Score points by winning in Blitz, and either winning or losing in Arena to earn Anti-Venom character shards, Fright Light Orb Fragments, and more. This event refreshes daily until the Waking Nightmare event ends.

Lucid Dream Raid Milestone

Team up with your Alliance in Raids using Masked Caper characters to earn dreamy rewards: Anti-Venom shards, Fright Light Orb Fragments, Training Modules and various gear.

Night Terrors Milestone

Score points by carving open Fright Light Orbs to earn Anti-Venom characters shards and other scary rewards.

Bonus Events

Train and Gain - Earn 2x Training Modules from Campaign nodes

Raid Frenzy - 20% cost reduction for Raid Energy, Heals, and Revives in Raids

Re-Energize - The cost to purchase 120 Campaign Energy (excluding Iso-8 Campaign Energy) will remain at 50 Power Cores for 24 hours.

Arena Store Update

Corvus Glaive is on the move! Soon you'll be able to purchase the Black Order's elusive assassin in the Arena Store for 500 Arena Credits. Keep an eye on your inbox for the official announcement and bolster your Black Order team.

Upcoming Blitzes

Being green looks easy with this week's Blitz characters. Hot on the heels from her work in the Iso-8 lab is Scientist Supreme in the Super Science Blitz. Dabble in battle domination to discover Scientist Supreme shards. And up next is the second run of the Emerald Liberator Blitz, featuring She-Hulk. Pound foes into submission to grab She-Hulk shards and Fright Light Orb Fragments for the Waking Nightmare event.

Going Knowhere

Star-Lord's Space Ace Legendary Event is coming in for a landing soon, so don't miss the Going Knowhere Bonus Event where you can earn 2x character shards rewards for Guardians and Ravagers in the following Campaign nodes:

Groot: Nexus 2-9

Yondu: Heroes 2-6

Ravager Bruiser: Heroes 4-6

Recurring Milestone Update

In last Friday's blog ( we announced we were updating the recurring Milestones by removing some of the Milestone Orb Fragments and replacing them with Basic T1 Iso-8 Orb Fragments, starting with the next Emma Frost iteration. We've decided to not make this change for the second run of the Emma Frost milestones. We are still looking into how to reward more Iso-8 Orbs and will update you when we have additional information. Thank you for all your feedback. 

Those are all the treats we're handing out this week! 

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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