Ultimus VII Celebration
September 20, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

Put on your official S.T.R.I.K.E. party hat, because we're celebrating two of our top Alliances this week with events for the entire community. We also have a Legendary Event making its first appearance and two fantastic Blitzes. But first, let's toast the two Alliances that conquered Ultimus VII - First Strike.

Ultimus VII Champion Celebration

We're honoring the winners of the Ultimus VII Challenge -- Pants of Hulk and Legion_of_Cabal -- with two weeks of festivities for the entire community. First off, there will be a 14-day Login Calendar featuring Gold, Red Stars, training materials, and Mega Orb Fragments. Log in each day to scoop up all the rewards possible.

Next up is the official Champions' Raid featuring reduced enemy Speed Bars on spawn for boss and mini-boss nodes, as well as 2 special orbs containing characters drafted by each Alliance. Legion_of_Cabal and Pants of Hulk will take turns drafting 15 characters into each orb over the course of multiple days. Minn-Erva and Hulk will be excluded from the draft and instead will be featured in both orbs. You'll have the option of pulling from either orb and the Alliance whose orb receives the most pulls will receive special in-game recognition.

Be sure to log in each day and coordinate with your Alliance to maximize your rewards during the celebration.

War Leagues Starting Soon

Scheduled to go live next week is Alliance War Leagues. Going forward, Alliances will now compete and earn trophies with each War to determine their War League standing and earn rewards. War Leagues will not contain any changes to the current matchmaking system, just the rewards. We'll send out a message when it's live, so be on the lookout.

Activate your best team of Hero Controllers and team up with Mister Fantastic on his mission to recover his inventions and save the surface world. Mister Fantastic's Event Campaign is your first shot at recruiting and ranking up Graviton, so don't miss out on turning your A.I.M team into a force of nature with his abilities.

Invisible Woman Legendary Event

The legendary light bender is almost here, and you've still got time to power up the squad required for recruiting her: the Sinister Six. On the battlefield, Sue Storm barricades her allies from attacks by removing negative effects and applying Stealth, Barrier, and Deflect.

For a full breakdown of Invisible Woman's legendary kit, check out our Invisible Woman Blog

Now Live: Mister Fantastic Blitz

Mister Fantastic is back in Blitz today and it's not a stretch to say that the tactical Controller for the Fantastic Four is a great addition to any roster. He clears enemy positive effects each turn, and if you slide him into a Fantastic Four team, Mister Fantastic has a chance to apply Assist Now on every Fantastic Four ally's turn.

Winter Soldier Blitz

No matter where you live, winter is coming with Winter Soldier heading into Blitz. If you need a Villain and/or a Blaster, this Hydra sleeper agent has you covered. Don't forget that Winter Soldier is also one of the select characters with the Military trait and shares synergies with Captain Marvel in Alliance War. The two can pack a boosted punch on an enemy Helicarrier.

That's it for this week! Until next time…

Good luck Commanders!

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