Introducing: Graviton & the Updated A.I.M. Team
September 13, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

This week we're taking a sneak peek at upgrades coming to an infamous Villain team and welcoming their heavy new Controller to the fight. We also have new Blitzes in the pipeline and a Legendary preview coming up. First, let's head over to the headquarters of Advanced Idea Mechanics.

Graviton & A.I.M.

Big changes are bubbling in the A.I.M. labs, starting with a force of nature joining their ranks: Graviton. A.I.M. has been light on control and damage while a part of S.T.R.I.K.E., and Graviton fills those roles. He weighs down enemies with Stun and Stacks of Slow, and then hits them with heavy attacks that increase in damage for every negative effect on the enemy.

You'll have a chance to recruit A.I.M.'s gravity enforcer during the Mister Fantastic Event Campaign: “Fantastic Plans”, which requires a top-notch squad of Hero Controllers. Each Campaign node will reward Field Controller Orb Fragments that contain Graviton and select Hero Controller shards.

A.I.M. is welcoming their new member with a slew of improvements that, when combined with Graviton, transforms them into a nightmare for negative effect-centric teams, like the Brotherhood of Mutants. You'll want to get hands-on with the new A.I.M. as they'll be a high skill team and lend themselves to theory crafting. We'll have a complete breakdown of the A.I.M. changes in the upcoming 3.5 Release Notes, so be on the lookout.

Improved Blitz

The upcoming version 3.5 release will introduce improvements to the Blitz gamemode based on the much appreciated feedback provided by the community. The first change is you should almost never be matched against three copies of the same team. In fact, you should see a wider variety of teams in general during the early tiers of Blitz. The other change is the point multiplier will start at 2.0x instead of 1.0x.

Commander Level 75 & Gear Tier 14

Also new in version 3.5 is the much anticipated increase to the max Commander level and a new gear tier. You’ll be able to max out your Commander level at level 75 and upgrade your characters to gear tier 14. The changes will bring additional max Campaign Energy and make certain tricky Campaign Nodes easier to tackle. Other benefits arriving with the level cap increase are earning more Gold per level up at level 71 and beyond, as well as unlocking 5 more Saved Squad slots at level 71. 

Head over to Blitz for a chance to recruit and rank up the fatherly figure for the Fantastic Four. Mister Fantastic gives his team a feeling of family togetherness by granting Assist Now to Fantastic Four allies every turn, which makes attacks much more potent. You don't want to sleep on this Blitz.

Okoye Blitz

The deadly leader of the Dora Milaje is making her return to Blitz this week. Okoye is not only the Controller for Wakanda, but she's also a dual-threat attacker, capable of both delivering powerful blows and lowering enemy defenses. After taking advantage of the Mr. Fantastic Blitz, stock back up on Blitz Charges and clash in the name of Okoye.

Legendary Event: Invisible Woman

There's no time to rest after battling for Phoenix, because Invisible Woman's Legendary Event is right around the corner. It's not too early to prep for Sue Storm's introduction, so start leveling and gearing up a 5-star Sinister Six team for a chance to unlock the keystone member of the Fantastic Four.

Sinister Six Bonus Event: Double Trouble

Here's your first chance to take your Sinister Six squad to the next level for Invisible Woman's Legendary Event: Now You See Me. Grab as many Sinister Six character shards as you can during this 24-hour 2x Sinister Six Flash Event.

That's all for this week. As always…

Good luck, Commanders!

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