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Greetings Commanders,

Blow the doors off of Helicarriers and make noise in Arena with explosive new characters and opportunities to earn their shards this week. Your first chance for a spark on the battlefield is with the Fantastic Four.

Mister Fantastic Blitz

Brains and brawn are up for grabs this week as Mister Fantastic enters Blitz for the first time. Stretch the limits of your roster for a chance to recruit the elastic Controller for the Fantastic Four. Mister Fantastic shuts down foes by clearing positive effects, applying single-target Stuns, and granting Assist Now to Fantastic Four allies every turn. Create a versatile powerhouse with Mister Fantastic and the Fantastic Four.

Now Live: Human Torch Blitz

Speaking of the Fantastic Four, ignite the competition in the Blitz going on now for a second chance at collecting Human Torch shards and adding the flaming Blaster to your Fantastic Four squad. While Mister Fantastic is engineering victory through family-oriented attacks, Human Torch scorches enemies with unavoidable AoE attacks, flips negative effects on himself to positive effects, and grants Fantastic Four allies Offense Up. Bring the heat by adding Human Torch to the Fantastic Four.

Rescue Blitz

The Power Armor Support specialist is suiting up for another clash for shards in the Rescue Blitz. Rescue protects her allies from damage by clearing negative effects and shields her team from damage with the new Barrier ability. Don't miss your chance to blast through the Blitz milestones and recruit and rank up Rescue.

Phoenix Legendary Event

Rising from her own ashes for another Legendary Event is the Omega Legendary character for the X-Men: Phoenix. Like last time, you'll need your top Villain, Mystic, Controller characters: Hand Assassin, Loki, Mordo, Nobu, and Ronan. Phoenix is a game-changer in battle and turns the X-Men into the apex Arena team, so don't stand on the sidelines while the competition adds this uncanny mutant to their roster.

Now Live: War Machine - Prelude to War

Going on now: War Machine and his explosive Event Campaign. Join War Machine on his quest to discover the secrets of Ultimus's armada of advanced Helicarriers in this action-packed adventure. Assemble your best Skill team for a chance to collect War Machine shards and select Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. character shards. 

War Machine is a Blaster for the Power Armor team that specializes in War AoE attacks and enjoys exclusive synergizes with Iron Man. Lock and load this shot at War Machine!

Relic Hunt

You'll need all Hands on deck for this upcoming Flash Event. Relic Hunt is back this week with a chance to earn Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts! Note that the Flash Event auto-win feature is still being corrected, so you'll still must play the missions to get the rewards.

2x Mercenary Event

A Merc team is a must for the upcoming Mercenary Flash Event, so make sure you take advantage of the upcoming 2x Mercenary Event. For a limited time, enhance your Mercenaries with double the character shards on Campaign nodes.

That's all for this week! Until next time…

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