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5000 Power Cores When and Where
September 30, 2022

Updated 9/30/22 3:25PM PDT (clarified the end times for the Milestones)

Previously we reported that we would be giving the 5000 Power Core offer to all players who didn’t get a chance to claim the free offer. Only some players were only able to claim this free offer on the Web Store and if players tried to claim this offer in game, it did not reward the offer.

The free offer will be brought back to the Web Store today, September 30th PDT. We will also be extending the Ethereal Arms Milestone for 24 hours, till 2PM October 1st and the Hulk Hunter event for 3 hrs to 5pm PDT on October 1st.

We understand the frustration this caused players who felt left out by not getting the offer, and some may have felt seeing other players spend Power Cores and getting credit towards the Ethereal Arm Milestone event. Hence why the team has decided to extend the Ethereal Arms Event another day, so if a player chooses to spend Power Cores, they have the option to do so like everyone else who got the offer early.

We apologize for the confusion. Thank you for playing Marvel Strike Force and we appreciate your patience while we work to address the issue.

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