5.5.0 Topics & Issues
July 9, 2021

Here’s a list of topics & issues that the dev team is tracking in close relation to the release of version 5.5 yesterday:

Fixed Bugs

  • Doom Raid I - First Strike wasn’t showing rank rewards
  • Ironheart wasn’t in the Blitz Orb
  • Shuri’s Legendary Event timer was incorrect
  • Supply Restock daily objective didn’t have the updated Gold reward
  • Conspiracy Theories ECM wasn’t recognizing characters with that Saboteur trait
  • An Inbox message about Sharon Carter said she had the S.H.I.E.L.D. tag (this was removed) - this wasn’t intended, as indicated by her announcement in Strike Time and the blog on 6/25

Current Bugs

  • Extraordinary Energy offer didn’t give enough resources: compensation will be sent to the affected players next week
  • Moondragon appearing invisible in combat: this requires a new client and we are working on version 5.5.1, which we are targeting to release next week


  • There was a slight change in the displayed power for Silver Surfer. This was a missed item in the release notes that should have been listed along with the several other characters there that had visual-only changes to their displayed power. This doesn’t affect actual gameplay.
  • The costume for Emma Frost wasn’t mentioned in the release notes as it will not be available to acquire until a future version release. We’ll try to not keep you waiting too long though - it does look really slick!

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