Age of Apocalypse

Apocalypse is an immortal mutant who believes in survival of the fittest above all else and seeks to rule over those who he deems the weak. Many years ago, a failed attempt at conquest left him sealed away and dormant in a mystic tomb, but he’ll soon be awakened by someone with plans of their own. Once returned to Earth, Apocalypse seeks to find his new four horsemen so that he may exact revenge on Earth’s protectors and claim his throne at the center of the multiverse. As 2022 begins, so too begins... the Age of Apocalypse.

The Four Horsemen

The Age of Apocalypse will be unveiled in several arcs, with one Horseman being released per arc via Scourge Events. Each Horseman represents an affliction that will be inflicted upon humanity: Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death. The Horseman will command their own powerful team that’ll specialize in dominating a specific game mode. Click on each Horseman image to go to their page and learn more.

Scourge Events

Scourge Events is a new game mode arriving to MARVEL Strike Force and will be the only way to unlock character shards for each of the four Horsemen. Upon entering Scourge Events, you will be able to adjust the difficulty of the run by afflicting your team with Scourges. Scourges handicap your team’s overall combat capabilities, but added Scourges increase the rewards at the end of the run. The higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards. Scourge Events will only be available to complete from time to time, so be sure to face the Scourge Events when they appear in-game.

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